Thursday, October 29, 2009


I really, really want these bangs.

Mmmm...nix that. Actually, the whole look/vibe is what I really want.

Photo via camp comfort.


  1. ugh, i saw a girl in paris with a braid headband just like this girl's, and i wanted to punch her in the face for being so adorable.

  2. (Hahahahaha Celia! Dear lord. I wish I actually knew you. I'd come over with Vice magazine and we'd comment on the Do's and Don'ts section :) )

    I'm always so 50/50 on bangs! I've had them for the most part over the past few years. But then I hate them, and then try to grow them out, then they reach that funny looking stage, so I chop them back again. Such a pain, but such a fun one!