Thursday, October 29, 2009

Preparing for Halloween

Fall is quite possibly my favorite season. It brings some pretty rad things - cooler weather, leaves changing colors, gourds and pumpkins forever, Scorpio birthdays and, of course, there's Halloween. My birthday is the day after, which was always such a treat growing up; who wouldn't love to wake up next to a big bag full of candy every year on their birthday, guaranteed?

Moving on...this year we're going to a costume party on the 31st to celebrate a friend's birthday. Now, I don't necessarily love to dress up for Halloween, but if forced to, I'm game. We're going as roller girls. [I will neither confirm nor deny having seen and enjoyed "Whip It" and thereby scoring the source of this year's costume inspiration.]

Our friend was good enough to lend us a pair of skates, which I refuse to wear. My One&Only, on the other hand, was all over it:
Here's to hoping she doesn't kill herself.

Top photo via Roller Derby Art.

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