Monday, November 09, 2009

I love me some leopard

I really, really do. Behold, my new shoes:
I wore them all weekend in Vegas to break them in. Mission Accomplished.

Some other lovely leopard finds:

Leopard calf-skin clutch by Ann Taylor (which I saw
in Vegas, but couldn't fathom spending that much on
a wee clutch. $120? Umm..nuh huh.)

W. Kleinberg's Leopard Haircalf Belt (always wish I could
do the skinny belt with sweaters look, which I love, but must
admit that there's a good chance I'd resemble the
Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters if worn - with the
the exception that the bands of flesh would be around
my middle, not my appendages)

Chubby jacket by CORPUS (see Ghostbusters reference above)

1 comment:

  1. if my memory serves me correctly... you already have a pair of leopard flats. how did you sneak this by E? do you realize the world of shit joe would give me if i pulled something like that. example...
    (sunday morning)
    celia: i really need some new clothes.
    joe: what are you talking about? what about those mounds of clothes you have all over the bedroom floor?
    celia: those are summer clothes.
    joe: sell them and buy yourself some winter clothes.
    celia: i can't do that because then i won't have clothes when summer comes by again.
    joe: then, wear tights.