Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Who doesn't love a polaroid? Who?

Turns out my 63-year old Uncle Ed has always been too cool for school. When the masses abandoned Polaroid cameras for the snazziness of digital's appeal, he stayed the course. And now he finally reaps the reward of his staunch loyalty. Why you ask?

Because it's 'Roid Week on flickr! I think it might just be time to dust off some of the Christmas '93 Polaroids I have stored in my trusty ol' shoe box of pics for the world of flickr to enjoy (assuming, of course, that they are indeed enjoyable).

Top image via Save Polaroid; remaining images via flickr's group pool


  1. I agree, how can you not love Polaroid. It's a style like none other.

  2. I like this assortment of photos. Love the bottle of milk.