Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why hello, you dandy thing, you

On Monday I was listening to NPR on way home from work. One of the features was on the first "Tweed Ride" in DC. I'm a happy girl. Seriously looooooove it. Love dandies.

Mmmmm, maybe one of the cutest couples ever. Ever.


A modern spin for the ladies (Abeate, and Rag & Bone).
Photos courtesty of: University of Colorado Digital Sheet Music Collection, NPR, Dandyism, and Fashionising.


  1. Ahh! Me too. Fun story: My grandfather was born in Greece, and when he was 20 years old, he decided to move to America since his family was already there. This was in 1926. He stopped in France and met a lady who he decided to live with for 3 years, she was a prostitute, and he became her dandy. He wore fancy expensive French clothing and went to all these parties. When he finally moved to America, he never registered at Ellis Island (he walked straight in thinking he was an American since the rest of his family was there; this caused big tax problems during the 50s), and went straight to San Francisco, where he was given a job as a shoe shiner. He was aghast that he was cleaning other peoples' shoes after being a dandy, so one day he purposely took black polish to white shoes and got fired. Lovely.

  2. i refuse to believe that that's a real couple. absolutely refuse!

  3. Oh thanks for the tweed ride link, how fun! i wish i had seen that!